Sunday, February 25, 2018
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Corporation Responsibilities
Head of Sections
  Councillors & Aldermen
  The table below provides a listing of Council Members, their respective Electoral Districts and contact information.
 Electoral District
 Councillor Telephone Contact
 Toco/Fishing Pond Martin Rondon (Chairman) 668-3969 / 376-4984 / 467-5361
Kenwyn Phillip 684-6236
Simone Gill (Vice-Chairman) 684-6232
 Sangre Grande South
Kennick Suepaul 684-6404
 Vega De Oropouche
Anil Juteram 684-6317
 Sangre Grande Northwest
Elizabeth Wharton 684-6561
 Sangre Grande Northeast
Paul Mongolas 684-6132
Nirmal Singh 684-6200

 Alderman                                 Representing Party Telephone Contact
Cuthbert Pierre Peoples National Movement       
Daneille Marshall Piper Peoples National Movement 684-6896
Sookdeo Bidaisee United National Congress 684-7061
Videsh Ramsingh United National Congress 6847012