Thursday, April 26, 2018
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Corporation Responsibilities
Head of Sections
  Councillors & Aldermen
  The life of the SGRC Council came to an end 25th July 2013. Following the constitutionally due local government elections on the 21st October 2013 the successful candidates are listed below.
 Electoral District
 Toco/Fishing Pond  Terry Rondon
 Bharath Barry Lochan
 Simone Turnyka Gill
 Sangre Grande South
 Patricia Debbie-Ann Harris
 Vega De Oropouche
 Ravi Lakhan
 Sangre Grande Northwest
 Alicia Thomas
 Sangre Grande Northeast
 Lorraine Heath
 Rajcoomar Bhagaloo

 Representing Party
 John Renn                           
 Peoples National Movement
 David Alonzo
 Peoples National Movement
 Keshore Satram
 United National Congress
 Dayne Francois
 Independent Liberal Party