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Building Department
Building Certification
  Submission of Building Applications to the Local
  Authority for Approval

A building application shall consist of architectural and structural drawings and specifications of the proposed building along with prescribed forms, all of which
must be submitted in duplicate.

All building applications shall have the prior approval of the Town and Country Planning Division and of any other agency as may be required by the Local

Architectural and structural drawings and specifications, referred to in paragraph (2) shall consist of the following:-
  A proper Location Plan must be attached to ALL applications
  A Location Plan must be drawn so as to show:-

 The land to which the application relates co loured pink.
 All adjoining land in the same ownership co loured green
   The names of the adjoining land owners
  Sufficient details such as distance ofthe site from mile marks, road junctions, bridges, stand-pipes, light poles, culverts etc; so as to be able to positively identify the site.

Such a plan shall show:
The area, shape and dimensions of the proposed site  
The building line  
The position of the proposed building and of any existing building indicating whether the existing building is to be demolished or not  
The name, position and width of existing and proposed means of access  
Facilities for off-street parking as well as loading

The position and direction of flow of any existing or proposed drains or watercourses

The position of any existing and proposed sanitary sewer system;  

The compass bearing.
The site plan must be accompanied by a survey plan prepared by a licensed land surveyor, and a copy of the land deed  
Such plans shall be provided for each floor of the proposed building and shall

The dimensions, arrangement and position ofthe various rooms, walls, partitions, windows, doors, stairs and all other parts of the building.

The type and position of all plumbing fixtures.

The size of each room.
The compass bearing
The type offmishes

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