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  Requirements for Obtaining a Completion Certificate
  Any person who intends to erect a new building or to alter a building sball give to the Secretary of the Local Authority at his office, notice in writing of such intention on an approval printed form together with a dimensioned plan and section or a fully detailed description of such intended building which shall show the position form and dimensions of the several parts of such building; and he shall also at the same time give a description in writing of the materials to be used of every latrine and every other appurtenance, and whether the building is to be used as a dwelling house or otherwise.

No works in connection with the erection, addition or alteration of any building should be commenced until the plans and specifications submitted by the owner have been approved by the Local Authority.
  After the plans have been approved, the owner shall notify in writing the Secretary of the Local Authority of the day on which any work in connection with the building is to be commenced.
The building shall be constructed strictly in accordance with the approved plans from which no departure will be permitted. The
approved plans should be kept on the premises [or reference during the progress of the work.
  The Secretary of the Local Authority should be noti fled in writing within fourteen (14) days after the completion of any work in connection with a building.
The construction and maintenance of all drains and water courses, except main water-courses and highway water courses;   The provision, maintenance, and control of such parks, recreation grounds, beaches and other public spaces as the President may from time to time by Order prescribe;
A copy of the approved plan.
  a. A W.A.S.A. completion certificate (sewered areas).
  b. A Fire Certificate
  c. Electrical Certificate
Concrete drains and apron around building.
All plumbing fixtures and sewerage disposal system.
Painting of exterior and interior.
All floor finishing (e.g. tiling of bathrooms).
All doors and windows.
Septic tanks and soakaway pit must be left open for inspection.
Certificate from a registered engineer re: Construction of non-residential buildings,