Tuesday, January 28, 2020
  Labour (Kalamazoo) Department

Head of Department: Personnel and Industrial Relations Officer I
                        Mrs. Joleen Le Blanc-Greene

  Supervisory Officers with Department:

Clerk I
Ms. Napthali Sinanan

Department core functions / responsibilities :
Updating of Personnel Records for all Daily-Rated Workers employed with the Corporation  
Verification of Wages, Overtime and Allowances to be paid on a fortnightly basis  
Verification of Leave (Sick, Casual, Vacation, etc)  
Verification and appointment for acting/promotion  
Processing of Benefits/Gratuities (Retirement, Terminal, Death, etc) owed to former (retired, deceased, etc) employees of the Corporation Re: Daily-Rated Workers

Enforcing good industrial relation practices (in accordance with the existing Collective Agreement).

Investigating and finding suitable resolutions regarding grievance matters Re: Daily-Rated Workers

Recruitment/Offering employment opportunities to interested persons
Services Offered:

The Labour Department does not offer services where payment of a stipulated fee is required.

All services executed by the Labour Department are free of charge.

List of current major projects:
Outlined below is a list of pending exercises for completion for submission to the Industrial Relations Department, Ministry of Local Government: -
Fringe Benefits  
Finalizing the updating of the 2012 Seniority List for Permanent Employees  
Finalizing the updating of the 2012 Seniority List for Regular/Casual Employees  
Preparation of Arrears of Wages (Back-pay) for Casual Workers.  
Finalizing the Proposal of Filling of Vacancies for the 2012 – 2013 Biennial Review  
Preparation of the third quarterly Manpower Data  
Listing of major projects 2013/2014:
Training Programmes intended to target Daily-Rated Workers interested in promotion in the higher post than that of their substantive thereby enforcing fairness and equality by creating a Merit List for the positions listed below: -

Tradesman Assistant/Labourer to be promoted to Trades Man
Checker to be promoted as Road Officers

Labourer to be promoted as Road Overseer/Sanitation Overseer

Labourer to be promoted as Rodent Control Evaluators