Wednesday, February 19, 2020
  Functions of The Municipal Police Explained
  Foot and Mobile Patrols – The Municipal Police is involved in patrols of all areas in the region: Street / Market/ Recreation Grounds/ Public Cemeteries/ Parks/ Public Beaches and Rivers. 
  Report taking and Investigations - Questioning suspects and taking written statements that will assist in the prosecution of offenders of the law. Investigate reports of damage to the Corporation’s Properties/ Roadway and Pavements. Also, gathering of intelligence that could facilitate the detection and prevention of crime, and formulation of security policies, and assist in developing strategies to solve community problems.  
  Escort services - to Chairman/ Councilors/ Market Clerk/ Cashier/ Tenders Clerk/ Chief Executive Officer, Government Officials and Burgesses. 

Community Policing
- Provides Community Policing to help maintain domestic peace and tranquility, and prevent crime within the Municipality in collaboration with the Central Police.
  Traffic Exercises Regulates local traffic and all other related Police functions while at the same time conducts necessary road checks.

Breathalyzer Testing
(Field Sobriety test) – Regularly takes Breathalyzer tests during patrols and road check exercises.
  Special Exercises – undertakes joint exercises with the Trinidad and Tobago Police service (TTPS) during carnival and the Festive Seasons that drastically reduce criminal activities in the region.
  Closed Circuit Television Monitoring - The installation of Surveillance cameras at strategic locations along the main thoroughfare of the Region and also within   the Corporation’s compound helps in the reduction of criminal activities.
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