Monday, February 17, 2020
  Supply OF Truck Bourne Water
  To supply potable water to 25 areas within the St. Andrew/St. David region as per water distribution schedule that are devoid of pipe water.
1   Plum Road, Plum Mitan, Hart Trace after 5mm,Freedom Lane
  Hart Rd, Brigan Hill Ext. Trace, Parsadee Trace
  Warden Rd after Lockhart end, Sadhoo Rd From 3/4mm to end
  Gordon Frank Trace, Anthony Trace, Pierre Rd, Nariva Rd from Lp#29
5   South Manzanilla Rd #1 from Lp# 1061, Depot Trace, Cocal Lagoon from 38 ¼mm  to 42 ¼ mm
6   Clarke Trace Ext., Nivea Trace
7   Cunapo Southern Main Road, Kowlessur Rd from Coalmine end, Hay Trace
8   Boodoo Trace, Marper Farm Rd, Old Plum Rd to Manzanilla Rd
9   Seecharan Rd, Panchoo Road, Genda Rd
10   Cro Cro Bar Road, Lobin Trace Lp#201 to end, Fishing Pond Rd from 6 ¾ mm to end
11   Flemming Rd, Ali Bocas Trace, La Fortune Land Settlement, Flemming Rd Ext.
12   Morin Bay Rd from Fishing Pond end
13   Logan Rd from Caigual to North Manzanilla, John Lawrence Trace, Alexis Trace, Lyder Trace, Logan Trace #1
14   Rampersad Trace, Squatting Area, Mora Development
15   Mc Caulay Rd and Ext, Conyace Trace #3, Rio Grande Trace
  Sookoo Trace off Toco Rd, Farfan Trace, Mora Trace, Minors Trace
  Rapsey Trace, Peterson Trace, Dharsan Trace, De Gannes/Jawahir Rd (section without pipe borne water)
 18   Dedier Trace, Sin Verguenza Rd and Branch Tree, Harkoo Trace,  St.Marie Emmanuel Rd from the Presbyterian School
 19   Balata Hill Rd, Tamana Hill Rd, Marchan Trace, Martin Salazar Trace, Carmichael Village Street
 20   George Trace, Pierre Trace, La Sieva Trace, Crespo Trace, Whiskey Trace, Tamana Section II Rd from Four Roads end
 21   Carmichael Rd, Basawan Trace, Martin Rd, Tamana Ext. Rd, Tamana S Section II from Martin Roads end
 22   Guaico Tamana Rd from 5 mm to Valesquez Junction, Valesquez Rd, La Tosca Land Settlement, Los Armadillos Rd, Monceaux Trace, Duprey Trace
 23   Romain Trace, Atwell Trace, Ragoobar Trace, Santa Ana Trace, Jubilee Ext., Jubilee Presbyterian School Rd
 24   Valencia Bypass Rd to Toco Rd, Cumaca Rd from Valencia Rd to Smith Trace, St. Alban’s Rd- Valencia Stretch
 25   Bois Bande, Farm Rd, Madoo Singh Drive, Pine Settlement Ext., Lily Lane Ext.