Sunday, February 25, 2018

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  Local Economic Development
   The Local Economic Development Unit facilitates stimulation of the local economy in partnership with the Local Economic Development Planning Advisory Committee (LED-PAC).
  Supervisory Officers within the Department:

Ms. Stacey Ramroop
Department core functions / responsibilities:
Evaluate results of Local Area Economic Profiles and make recommendations to the local government, LED- PAC other stakeholders.
Encourage sustainable gender sensitive and environmentally sound business practices.  
Work closely with the Local Government agency to develop and implement LED strategies and plans.
Identify the needs of local entrepreneurs and business start-ups for technical assistance.  
Act as a first point of call for investment enquiries specific to LED.
Identify the LED needs and gaps existing within project communities, groups and individuals to assist with the development of a programme of training, technical assistance and sources of support in response to same.  
Monitor the programmatic and implementation progress of demonstration projects. Develop relationships with key stakeholders for knowledge sharing and exchange.  
Assist with the identification, documentation and dissemination of LED best practices.  
Establish and maintain contact with key national SME support agencies in the project thematic areas e.g. community agro-tourism, agro-processing, marine protected areas, micro-financing, human resource development/capacity building among others.